Administrative Structure

Text Box:      Figure 1. Schematic description of CPCB organization  The CPCB has in place a set of administrative rules to promote seamless interactions across the two campuses. Strong administrative commitment on both sides continues to ensure that students and faculty can work with a single, consistent set of rules and guidelines, despite occasional differences in university policies.

A schematic description of the administrative structure of the program is presented below. The two program directors, Drs. Schwartz and Zuckerman, are jointly responsible for all aspects of program operation. They chair the Executive Committee, the ultimate decision-making body of the program, and they oversee the Admissions Committee and the Curriculum Committee.

The program administrative personnel consists of two Student Recruiting and Education Administrators, Dr. Joseph C. Ayoob (Pitt) and Dr. Phillip Compeau (CMU); and two Program Coordinators, Mr. Thom Gulish (CMU) and Ms. Kelly Gentille (Pitt).