Author: Nicole Stenger


CPCB Student among Rising Stars 2019

Yang Yang, a Ph.D. student in Jian Ma‘s lab, was recognized during Rising Stars 2019, an intensive workshop for women graduate students who are pursuing careers in computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering. The participants in...

CPCB Professor Hosein Mohimani

CompBio’s Mohimani Goes Big To Find New Antibiotics

Hosein Mohimani has a knack for finding ever-faster ways of searching giant databases for potential therapeutic drugs. Now, the computer scientist is trying a new approach in which the size of the databases isn’t something...

Ice cream CPCB2

CPCB Welcomes our new Ph.D. students

We’re excited to welcome another amazing group of incoming students to the CPCB program!  Orientation is off to a great start with social lunches, activities and faculty research talks.  Please join us in welcoming...