Congrats to our recent graduates!

Congratulations to our cohort of December 2013 and August 2014 graduates!

Nabil Azhar (Vodovotz Lab) Computational Modeling of Inflammatory Mediators in Acute Illness: from Networks to Mechanisms

Taraz Buck (Murphy Lab) defended his thesis: Automatic construction of dynamic models of subcellular structure

Virginia Burger (Chennubhotla Lab) defended her thesis: Early Disease Detection Through Computational Pathology.

Keith Callenberg (Grabe Lab) defended his thesis: Membrane Bending is Critical for Assessing the Thermodynamic Stability of Proteins in the Membrane.

Om Choudhury (Grabe Lab) defended his thesis: Probing the biophysical properties of the murine voltage dependent anion channel (mVDAC1) structure: Insight from continuum electrostatics and Markov state models.

Anindita Dutta (Bahar Lab) defended her thesis: Structural Dynamics and Allosteric Signaling in Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors.

Judie Howrylak (Kaminski Lab) defended her thesis: An Integrative Computational Framework for Defining Asthma Endotypes.

Justin Hogg (Faeder Lab) defended his thesis: Advances in Rule-based Modeling: Compartments, Energy, and Hybrid Simulation, with Application to Sepsis and Cell Signaling.

Grace Huang (Benos Lab) defended her thesis: An integrated, module-based biomarker discovery framework.

David Mowrey (Tang Lab) Allosteric Modulation of Cys-loop Receptors

Timothy Travers (Camacho Lab) Structural Modeling of Regulation in Alpha-Actinin/F-Actin Interactions

Great work, everyone! Best of luck in your future endeavors.