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Luong IEEE pub

Luong Nguyen et al. publish in IEEE Transaction in Medical Imaging


Benos U01

Takis and Collaborators Receive U01 Grant

“Systems Level Causal Discovery in Heterogeneous TOPMed Data” Takis Benos PhD, Frank Sciurba MD, and  Panos Chrysanthis PhD The team will investigate the mechanism, pathology and pathophysiology of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) facilitation and progression by analyzing…

zhang nucl acid res

Natalie Sauerwald and She Zhang Publish Work on Chromosomal Dynamics using the GNM

From Hi-C maps to Chromosome Dynamics and Cross-Correlations between Gene Loci This is the first structure-based study of chromosomal dynamics using elastic network models, between the Bahar and Kingsford labs.…


Pfenning’s lab awarded CIRCUITS Grant

Dr. Andreas Pfenning’s lab will be one of 9 labs to collaborate via the Collaboration to Infer Regulatory Circuits and to Uncover Innovative Therapeutic Strategies (CIRCUITS) two-year, $4 million Cure Alzheimer’s…


Jianhua Xing and collaborator receive pilot award

Dr. Jianhua Xing and his collaborator Dr. Youhua Liu (Department of Pathology) received a CTSI Biomedical Modeling Pilot Award. The project is to use modeling and experimental studies to investigate development and regulation…

REC lee

Robin E. C. Lee Awarded Outstanding Investigator

Dr. Lee’s grant proposal entitled “Deciphering dynamic signals in control of cell fate decisions”  has been selected to receive an R35 Outstanding Investigator ‘MIRA’ award from the NIGMS. PROJECT NARRATIVE…

jose defense

Congrats to our new alumnus, Dr. Jose Juan Tapia-Valenzuela

Congratulations to Jose for successfully defending his dissertation, “A study on systems modeling frameworks and theirInteroperability”. Jose was a member of the Faeder lab during his time at CPCB, and…

sheehan defense

Congratulations, Dr. Robert Sheehan!

Congratulations to Bobby, who successfully defended his dissertation, “Closing the loop: A combined computational modeling and experimental approach provides novel insights into immune cell signaling systems and their global effects.”…

sedgewick grad

Congratulations to Dr. Andrew J Sedgewick, CPCB’s newest Ph.D. Alumnus

Congratulations to AJ, who successfully defended his thesis, “Graphical models for de novo and pathway-based network prediction over multi-modal high-throughput biological data” on June 29. AJ joined CPCB following his…

David Farrow

Congratulations to Dr. David Farrow, CPCB’s newest Ph.D. Alum

Congratulations to Dr. David Farrow, who successfully defended his thesis, “Modeling the Past, Present, and Future of Influenza” on June 23. David joined CPCB following his BS in Computer Science…