CPCB group’s robotically driven experimentation system could reduce the cost of discovering drug and target interactions

murphy-naik-sullivan-kangas-active learning

“The immediate challenge will be to use these methods to reduce the cost of achieving the goals of major, multisite projects, such as The Cancer Genome Atlas, which aims to accelerate understanding of the molecular basis of cancer with genome analysis technologies.” -Dr. Robert F. Murphy

A group of CPCB researchers, PhD alums Drs. Armaghan Naik, Joshua Kangas, Devin Sullivan, and their advisor, Dr. Robert F. Murphy have created the first robotically driven experimentation system to determine the effects of a large number of drugs on many proteins, reducing the number of necessary experiments by 70%. The model, presented in elife, uses an approach that could lead to accurate predictions of the interactions between novel drugs and their targets, helping reduce the cost of drug discovery.