Policy and procedures for changing advisors

Students may request a change of advisor at any time, but all changes must be approved by the new advisor(s) and the Program Directors.  The responsibility for the entire process of managing a potential advisor change (including all of the steps described below) lies solely with the student.  Students may seek advice from any member of the faculty, neither individual faculty members nor any Program committee are responsible for assisting in this process.

Students who are considering an advisor change should:

1. Inform their current advisor and the Directors that they are considering an advisor change
2. Identify possible new advisors and contact them to determine if they are potentially willing and able to advise the student
3. Meet with potential new advisors
4.a. Request approval by the Directors of an advisor change if they obtain an advising offer from a new advisor and wish to accept it

4.b. Inform their current advisor and the Directors if they decide to remain with the current advisor
While students are considering or exploring an advisor change, they are expected to continue with their class and research work as usual.  Advisors are not permitted to terminate their advising relationship with a student based on the student’s considering an advisor change or to otherwise penalize a student for considering such a change.

The entire procedure above should ordinarily be completed within two to three weeks.

The Directors will respond to any request for approval of advisor change within one week of its receipt.