Spring 2015 Course – Molecular Evolution

MSC/CMPBIO 2075-1020

SPRING 2015 (January 5 – april 25)

Wed/Fri 09:30 am
3073 BST3

Sequencing technology is continually progressing, and genome sequences from different species and populations continue to become available in increasing numbers. Such data allows questions about molecular evolution to be addressed in new and exciting ways. This course introduces students to the evolutionary analysis of DNA and amino acid sequences. Lectures on theory will be accompanied by practical instruction in the use of contemporary computational methods and software.

Course directors:

Dr. Dennis Kostka (kostka@pitt.edu)
Dr. Nathan Clark (nclark@pitt.edu)

For more detailed information, please contact:
Kelly Gentille
Educational Programs Administrator
(412) 648—8107