To provide management of specific areas, we have created six committees, each of which includes equal representation from Pitt and CMU. The members serve two- or three-year terms, rotating off in a staggered fashion to preserve continuity.

Committee Role Members
Curriculum Ensures that the curriculum of the training program remains current in terms of advances in modern computational biology.  The role of this committee is particularly important for our program, since computational biology is a rapidly evolving field. The members consist of institutional representatives for each of the four specialization areas in addition to the two chairs. Meets at least twice per semester, in addition to other meetings and correspondence as needed
Ziv Bar-Joseph, CMU, chair
Takis Benos, Pitt, chair
David Koes, Pitt
Chris Langmead, CMU
Michael Kleyman, Student Member
Zoltan Oltvai, Pitt
Nik Sahinidis, CMU
Marta Wells, Student Member
Jianhua Xing, Pitt
Min Xu, CMU
Admissions Handles all matters related to the recruitment of new high-quality students, including the evaluation of applicants. Prompt and careful evaluation of the candidates is their priority, along with the identification of candidates to be interviewed, shortly after the application deadline.
Anne-Ruxandra Carvunis
Maria Chikina, Pitt
Robin E.C. Lee, Pitt, chair
Jian Ma, CMU, chair
Andreas Pfenning, CMU
Bradley Solomon, Student Member
Jianhua Xing, Pitt
Min Xu, CMU
Wayne Mao, Student Member
Student Advising Assists first- and second-year students with course selection, until the successful completion of the comprehensive exam, when each student’s Thesis Committee takes over monitoring student progress.Meets before each course registration deadline. Also meets in August to propose schedules for incoming students.
Joseph Ayoob, Pitt, chair
Robert Murphy, CMU,
Joel McManus, CMU
Pei Tang, Pitt
Executive Functions as a “Board of Directors” for the CPCB to provide oversight and advice on program development and management.  This committee has 12 members, including the program directors.
Ivet Bahar, Pitt
Jeremy Berg, Pitt
Ziv Bar-Joseph, CMU
Carlos Camacho, Pitt
Jaime Carbonell, CMU
Nathan Clark, Pitt, Associate Director
G. Bard Ermentrout, Pitt
James Faeder, Pitt, Director
Graham Hatfull,
Carl Kingsford, CMU, Associate Director
Aaron Mitchell, CMU
Robert F. Murphy, CMU
Russell Schwartz, CMU, Director
Yu-Li Wang, CMU
Seminar Series
Takis Benos, Pitt
Jian Ma, CMU
Journal Club Committee
Tim Lezon, Pitt
Christopher Langmead, CMU

In addition to these specialized committees, all training faculty belong to, and participate in, the CPCB Program Faculty meetings held twice a year, at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters, and in an annual Program Retreat held off-site shortly after the arrival of each new class. The purpose of the Faculty meetings is the discussion of the programmatic issues brought about by the individual committees or other institutional developments, the evaluation of all students (discussed one by one), and the approval of the student evaluation letters that are to be sent to each student at the end of each semester.